Friday, 21 April 2017

Get the best hotels at a reasonable price!

Looking for a hotel in a metropolitan city is quite a difficult job if you are not having a large amount of money with you and on the other hand you also want an a hotel with quality food and services. But in this blog you will be getting enough idea about a cheap hotel in Kolkata or in general the Kolkata cheap hotels. You will be astounded to know that there are lot hotels in Kolkata where you can get a room with the proper services and food, within your budget.
First, is the Heera Inn and it can be said without any doubt that this hotel is one of the best hotels in Kolkata as it provides the top quality services at the minimum possible cost. You will be getting good, spacious and clean rooms, proper room services, good quality food, free wifi and a taxi service. It is located in Park street and you can always go and have stay at this hotel. Second, comes the Step in Rainbow, and obviously, this is gorgeous hotel but they are willing to offer you rooms at a very low cost. The food is mind blowing and the room services are also quite good. You will be getting the benefit of using the free wifi. Being located near Ruby, it is a go to hotel if you are planning to have a stay at a hotel which offers good quality services under a reasonable amount of money. Third, we have got the Hotel Best Inn and so definitely, it is a good choice for you already. The room services which you will be getting from this hotel which is located near Esplanade will definitely make you start to question the cost of staying at this hotel. About, don’t you worry about that because the price is really not that high and besides the room service it serves excellent quality of food along with the free wifi and the taxi service. It should definitely be up your list of the best hotels of Kolkata under a reasonable price.
 So, you have been provided with the three best Kolkata cheap hotels or cheap hotel in Kolkata which you can afford to stay if you are willing to spend the minimum amount of money.