Saturday, 7 February 2015

Rejuvenate your holiday trip with cheap hotels in Kolkata

February month is very special for me and my wife. Our anniversary falls in this month. It was our tenth anniversary so we decided to celebrate in a special way. Usually, our anniversary celebration will be very simple and silent. On anniversary day morning we go to temple and evening we go to any nearby restaurant. But this time, we really want to celebrate. Since long time, we haven’t travelled to any places, so we planned to use this opportunity.

The whole day my mind was occupied with various tourist destinations in India but couldn’t able to decide anything. During lunch time, when I was having my food, I got a call from one of my school friend who is from Bengal. We chat for a really long time and during our conversation he stressed me to visit his place. Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind. Why not plan a trip to Kolkata? I can meet my friend and can also enjoy a vacation there. My two young daughters are very fond of eating fish delicacies. So I decided that Kolkata will be our perfect place where my daughters can indulge in mouth watering fish delicacies.

My mind started working very fast. I counted number of days and made a rough travel plan. Evening I came home and sat with my wife for discussion. When I expressed my view, she was totally happy and agreed with me. We started discussing about various other things. Since our plan is to have a vacation for only 5 days, we should make use of maximum time enjoying the beach and sea food. Living in Delhi, there is no chance to have a sea view. Since we had a plan to shift our daughters to new school we were in need of good money in hand. We decided to have our accommodation in any of the cheap hotel in Kolkata.
When we reached there, there were many cheap hotels in Kolkata. Their rates are very cheap but their service is unimaginably excellent. We had a pleasant stay in one of the cheap hotel in Kolkata and had a refreshing trip.

Kolkata has numerous hotels of which you can opt for any that suits your pocket. Kolkata cheap hotels like other hotels might not have an impeccable infrastructure but their services are remarkable. So pack your bags and get your Kolkata cheap hotels list ready for your refreshing holiday.