Wednesday, 1 October 2014

3 Factors of Best Hotel in Kolkata Making it well-known in the Travel Circuit

budget hotels in Kolkata
While searching for hotels to stay in Kolkata, there are many interesting features that can come across for the travellers. Kolkata being one of the oldest cities in the country is home of many historic buildings, some of which have become landmarks for the identity of the city. Sightseeing places of importance and monuments worth visiting are in plenty. Among these structures are interspersed a wide range of hotels, ranging from the large luxurious star hotels to the Kolkata cheap hotel. So, for the travellers, this facility is of great value as it allows them to get accommodations of their choice at prices which are comfortable and affordable.

•    Providing multiple facilities – To be well known in the hospitality sector, hotels are nowadays diversifying into offering a wide range of facilities for their guests. Even in luxury hotels, there are some affordable rooms, especially the ones which are given out during offers or through special bookings. These offers allow tourists to stay in the best hotel in Kolkata, without having the need to cough up huge sums of money, as there is tie up with major travel companies. Many of these hotels are also included under the cheap hotel category, thereby bringing many budget hotel options within the purview. As a result of such offers on good quality hotels, travellers from different parts of the country can avail comfortable and luxurious accommodation facilities in the city during their sightseeing trips or official visits.

•    Hotels with colonial designs – There are plenty of areas in Kolkata, which belong to the old era, possibly before the time of independence. During those days, the usual pattern of house constructions was in line with the British designs and so, it is not surprising to find that many colonial styled looking buildings, the same are nowadays beautifully designed into hotels in Kolkata. To suit the requirements of the population these days, such palatial structures comprise of marriage hall, banquet halls, conference and gaming rooms. Such diversity in these areas in the hotels, give people a good reason to check them out during their visits.

•    Fit for many purposes – Nowadays, most of the hotels are adding multipurpose rooms in their buildings. It can be found that hotels do have conference rooms and marriage hall in Kolkata, so that people can use these spaces for different functions, besides getting enough accommodation facilities. This has not only increased the popularity of vacations, but hotels are also being selected with much thought.

marriage halls in Kolkata

It has become a great facility for the tourists and official travellers to stay in the Kolkata hotels. Also, for the local people and business houses, the conference halls and marriage hall offers a number of purposes. In a way, hotels in Kolkata have become integral to the lifestyle of travellers and for local people.