Saturday, 7 January 2017

Budget Hotel in Kolkata with Luxury Facility

Kolkata one of the eastern cities in India is known for its excellent culture and history. Many tourists come to the city on limited budgets and still they find no dearth of accommodation here. There is no such place as the best hotel in Kolkata. Any place that suits your comfort and budget is considered to be the best place for you. You can find many places to stay here in almost every other important street.

The best factor about hotels in this city is that you just are going to be able to find a decent place to stay here even if you travel on a really limited budget. The best hotel in Calcutta for people, who travel on shoestring budgets, is a place that that gives simple dormitories that offer bed and breakfast facilities. There are several such places within the main streets of the city.

Also, there are quite few budget hotels in Kolkata that provide non-AC rooms for tariffs amounting to but one thousand INR per night. These rooms are neat and clean and have all the essential facilities that you simply need throughout your travel. The hotel employee’s members too are very hospitable and provide you timely room-services whenever you need.

Most of those budget hotels in Kolkata are placed close to important railway stations like Howrah, in bazaar or market areas, Chowringhee Lane and the like. These are the areas that are visited by tourists in massive numbers. Hence, there are several hotels in this area for their profit.

A cheap hotel in Kolkata is often found easily. Only the tariffs are low-cost here and not the standard of service. It’s better that you simply visit rooms personally before making your booking. Alternatively, you may also check with your friends who have stayed in Kolkata before for some budget hotel choices so that you'll be able to decide easily.

While selecting a cheap hotel in Kolkata, you need to always do so only after doing the necessary groundwork. Always select hotels that offer you maximum value for your cash, like complimentary breakfast. If not a free meal, you should have some hours of free Wi-Fi at least. Select only hotels that offer you extra facilities like these.