Thursday, 14 December 2017

Your Dream Wedding - Banquet and Marriage Halls in Kolkata

The minute couples instigate towards making their dream wedding into a reality, there square measure unnumerable ideas that pop into minds around however their venue ought to be. It’s little question that in what sense excellent wedding venue is important to your perfect day and if unintentionally, it happens to be within the town of joy, Kolkata, then it won’t leave an opportunity to mark it because of the best event of your life. Be there food, ethnicities & customs, together with grand ancient arrangements – munificent weddings keep inscribed in your memory for a protracted time.

If you're additionally coming up with a “big fat wedding” for yourself or somebody shut, then you're getting to notice the best Marriage Halls in Kolkata that you simply should be longing for. These banquet halls in Kolkata can assist you to set up your wedding with assurance and stunning personal stylishness!

Kolkata- The dazzling city of joy lets you witnesses ennobling tales of affection consummate into splendid marriages each day. From elite weddings to budget ceremonies, extravagantly modern and dazzling wedding celebrations to little, personal affairs, everything referring to the ceremonial bonding catches a color of gaiety within the town.  Why not set up one among yours too?
A banquet hall refers to an outsized house or area for parties, marriages, and conferences with occupation on the market. they'll have all the lighting, staging, tables, chairs, and room facilities for rental additionally tone's reception.

Marriage Halls in Kolkata

There square measure many cheap Banquet Halls in Kolkata  that offers you a best worth for the hall so per table worth for the rental of any tables/chairs, etc. work all the costs and spots, won't be the foremost fun a part of we tend todding planning—therefore we bring you a listing to refer. Take a look:

10 of the Best Banquet Halls in Kolkata

  • Eastern Metropolitan Club - Santoshpur Avenue / Kolkata Airport
  • Radhe Krishna Banquets - Kankurgachi
  • Charnock's Banquet - Salt Lake City
  • Ivory Banquets - Salt Lake City
  • Shree Venkatesh Banquet – Ultadanga
  • Chandra Banquets - Bangur Avenue
  • Myrah Banquets – Beniapukur
  • Sradhanjali Marriage Hall - Lake Market
  • Binayak Marriage Banquet & Conference Hall - Kalikapur
  • Park Regency - Beck Bagan

Reasons & Benefits:

  1. From finest 5 star hotels to fancy banquet halls, the list has the best of indoor as well as open-air venues. Most of these Marriage Halls in Kolkata provide packages that would cover your venue rental, other decoration charges, and food expenses.
  2. Reasonable prices and with an excellent location
  3. These venues execute the grand and royal wedding flawlessly. 
  4. Can trace in the heart of Kolkata!
Now you can book your marriage halls online which saves you from the hassle of visiting the place and saves your time.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Kolkata Cheap Hotel to fit in Budget

If you are going on a trip to Kolkata and you are on a search for a Kolkata Cheap Hotel without disturbing your pocket, then you can go for Rowland hotel located in Kolkata.

One of the most prominent features of this hotel is a banquet hall, which can be used by guests for all non-function gatherings. Kolkata is well known for its warmth and its cosmopolitan nature. At Roland Hotel, they follow the same tradition. Each day they welcome guests from different parts of the world, and they feel it as their duty to make them feel welcome and cherished. To make your stay as comfortable as possible they also offer a host of amenities and complimentary freebies, and you will love it.

Budget Hotels in Kolkata

Kolkata Cheap Hotel has elegantly decorated, fully air-conditioned and well-furnished rooms with all the modern amenities and services provided to you same like you would expect from a star hotel. Rowland hotel's  banquet and conference facilities are state-of-the-art which is located in the middle of the city, we assume you choose Roland Hotel for your next stay in Kolkata and the second most important feature of this hotel is plenty of car parking, as guests won't have a problem to park their vehicles. It has 20 car parking’s within the premises, which makes it very convenient for everyone staying in Rowland and all kinds of the group remains.

Another considerable advantage at Rowland Hotel is if you are hiring banquet hall for wedding ceremony then you have the option to bring your caterer or Maharaj to prepare breakfast/lunch/dinner for your guests who might have particular food requirements such as no onion/garlic, etc. At Roland Hotel, there is a separate area on the terrace which can be used by outside caterers to ensure that guests enjoy the food quality and menu that they desire without any disturbance. That does not prevent with the hotel kitchen and food preparation, and this is the best part that it can be monitored independently. So without delay, if you are in search for Budget Hotels in Kolkata which suits your pocket you can go for it.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Get the best hotels at a reasonable price!

Looking for a hotel in a metropolitan city is quite a difficult job if you are not having a large amount of money with you and on the other hand you also want an a hotel with quality food and services. But in this blog you will be getting enough idea about a cheap hotel in Kolkata or in general the Kolkata cheap hotels. You will be astounded to know that there are lot hotels in Kolkata where you can get a room with the proper services and food, within your budget.
First, is the Heera Inn and it can be said without any doubt that this hotel is one of the best hotels in Kolkata as it provides the top quality services at the minimum possible cost. You will be getting good, spacious and clean rooms, proper room services, good quality food, free wifi and a taxi service. It is located in Park street and you can always go and have stay at this hotel. Second, comes the Step in Rainbow, and obviously, this is gorgeous hotel but they are willing to offer you rooms at a very low cost. The food is mind blowing and the room services are also quite good. You will be getting the benefit of using the free wifi. Being located near Ruby, it is a go to hotel if you are planning to have a stay at a hotel which offers good quality services under a reasonable amount of money. Third, we have got the Hotel Best Inn and so definitely, it is a good choice for you already. The room services which you will be getting from this hotel which is located near Esplanade will definitely make you start to question the cost of staying at this hotel. About, don’t you worry about that because the price is really not that high and besides the room service it serves excellent quality of food along with the free wifi and the taxi service. It should definitely be up your list of the best hotels of Kolkata under a reasonable price.
 So, you have been provided with the three best Kolkata cheap hotels or cheap hotel in Kolkata which you can afford to stay if you are willing to spend the minimum amount of money.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Budget Hotel in Kolkata with Luxury Facility

Kolkata one of the eastern cities in India is known for its excellent culture and history. Many tourists come to the city on limited budgets and still they find no dearth of accommodation here. There is no such place as the best hotel in Kolkata. Any place that suits your comfort and budget is considered to be the best place for you. You can find many places to stay here in almost every other important street.

The best factor about hotels in this city is that you just are going to be able to find a decent place to stay here even if you travel on a really limited budget. The best hotel in Calcutta for people, who travel on shoestring budgets, is a place that that gives simple dormitories that offer bed and breakfast facilities. There are several such places within the main streets of the city.

Also, there are quite few budget hotels in Kolkata that provide non-AC rooms for tariffs amounting to but one thousand INR per night. These rooms are neat and clean and have all the essential facilities that you simply need throughout your travel. The hotel employee’s members too are very hospitable and provide you timely room-services whenever you need.

Most of those budget hotels in Kolkata are placed close to important railway stations like Howrah, in bazaar or market areas, Chowringhee Lane and the like. These are the areas that are visited by tourists in massive numbers. Hence, there are several hotels in this area for their profit.

A cheap hotel in Kolkata is often found easily. Only the tariffs are low-cost here and not the standard of service. It’s better that you simply visit rooms personally before making your booking. Alternatively, you may also check with your friends who have stayed in Kolkata before for some budget hotel choices so that you'll be able to decide easily.

While selecting a cheap hotel in Kolkata, you need to always do so only after doing the necessary groundwork. Always select hotels that offer you maximum value for your cash, like complimentary breakfast. If not a free meal, you should have some hours of free Wi-Fi at least. Select only hotels that offer you extra facilities like these.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Search a Cheap Budget Hotel in Kolkata for Accommodation

Kolkata which is earlier called as Calcutta is the capital city of West Bengal of India. It is the significant place for business, instructive, and social reasons for the East India. It was created by the British east India Company into the strengthened trade base in the seventeenth century. It is socially rich and structurally all around arranged. To the voyagers, there are numerous Cheap Hotel in Kolkata that are ideal for convenience reason.

As it is the middle purpose of Commerce, training, and Culture of the east India, consequently many individuals make visit to this spot. Predominantly the agents from various locales go to the spot for beginning their business or for different purposes. The Banquet Halls in Kolkata are all around embellished and are bound with all the regular extravagance requirements for making a capacity or meeting a flawless one. These are best useful spots for tossing both the official and in addition the family capacities in an exceptionall
y smooth way, with no inconvenience.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

How To Arrange Accommodations In Kolkata Cheap Hotels During Visits

Among the various cities in India, Kolkata surely is one of the places most often visited by tourists. In Eastern India, this metropolis accounts for large number of people coming in and going out all through the year. Some arrive here on business trips, while there are many tourists, who go up north and east to visit different destinations. These tourists arrive in Kolkata usually and take up the route to hill stations, religious places and historic destinations. Among these tourists, there are many, who exclusively arrive in Kolkata for the city itself. So, Kolkata cheap hotels have their demand among various visitors, who are in search for a comfortable place to stay but which doesn’t pinch their pockets heavily.

In order to get a good place to stay in Kolkata, some people search for Kolkata cheap hotel before arriving in this location. They can actually do a thorough search about various hotels, especially through the online search portals. Details about hotels, their cost of stay, location and other features will be found easily from web world. Even, some sites are offering comparison between hotels to find out the ones which are low cost but provide sufficient amenities and have comfortable rooms with easy access to modes of transportation. Tourists can also ask around, check with their acquaintances in Kolkata and enquire from friends and relatives to get the proper hotel and make their journeys comfortable.  

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Kolkata hotels – Places that offer you great value for your money

Accommodation is one of the main problems that you will face, when you travel to any destination for personal or official purposes. One way to tackle the same is to do an early booking. This will guarantee you a room of your choice in your preferred hotel. Advance booking of hotel rooms is absolutely necessary when you are travelling with your family. However what happens when you have to suddenly travel to a particular place on an official or personal emergency? There are quite a few places in the country, where you get many cheap hotels that offer great value for your money. Kolkata is one of them. A Kolkata cheap hotel can be booked at the last minute without any hassles. You can visit for a list of cheap hotels in the capital city of West Bengal.
These are best suited for individual travellers, bachelors, group of guys who visit the city for a few days etc. Kolkata cheap hotels are located in almost every nook and cranny of the city and they provide all the basic facilities that you need as a guest. Continuous hot water supply, clean and neat rooms, room-service, excellent and cordial hospitality, conference room facilities, complementary Wi-Fi and tasty food are some of the services that you will get at these places. Most of these hotels are located near important tourist destinations, commercial complexes etc., so that it becomes easy for you to move around to destinations of your choice.
Some of these cheap hotels offer complimentary breakfast as well. Start your day with awesome and lip smacking Kolkata cuisine and you will never regret your decision of staying at the hotel that you chose. While last minute booking is possible with most of these cheap hotels, you tend to get a fair discount on the tariffs, if you book quite early. Since there are many such hotels in this area, it is better to go through each one in detail and book the one that offers you great services at attractive prices.
In the hotels here, you get all kinds of business networking facilities that you wish to – teleconferencing, business meetings, video conferencing, live meeting set ups and other such facilities so that you can connect with your clients and office colleagues at different parts of the world easily. For the rates that they charge, these hotels do provide you a great deal of services that you can enjoy to a great extent.