Saturday, 31 October 2015

Kolkata hotels – Places that offer you great value for your money

Accommodation is one of the main problems that you will face, when you travel to any destination for personal or official purposes. One way to tackle the same is to do an early booking. This will guarantee you a room of your choice in your preferred hotel. Advance booking of hotel rooms is absolutely necessary when you are travelling with your family. However what happens when you have to suddenly travel to a particular place on an official or personal emergency? There are quite a few places in the country, where you get many cheap hotels that offer great value for your money. Kolkata is one of them. A Kolkata cheap hotel can be booked at the last minute without any hassles. You can visit for a list of cheap hotels in the capital city of West Bengal.
These are best suited for individual travellers, bachelors, group of guys who visit the city for a few days etc. Kolkata cheap hotels are located in almost every nook and cranny of the city and they provide all the basic facilities that you need as a guest. Continuous hot water supply, clean and neat rooms, room-service, excellent and cordial hospitality, conference room facilities, complementary Wi-Fi and tasty food are some of the services that you will get at these places. Most of these hotels are located near important tourist destinations, commercial complexes etc., so that it becomes easy for you to move around to destinations of your choice.
Some of these cheap hotels offer complimentary breakfast as well. Start your day with awesome and lip smacking Kolkata cuisine and you will never regret your decision of staying at the hotel that you chose. While last minute booking is possible with most of these cheap hotels, you tend to get a fair discount on the tariffs, if you book quite early. Since there are many such hotels in this area, it is better to go through each one in detail and book the one that offers you great services at attractive prices.
In the hotels here, you get all kinds of business networking facilities that you wish to – teleconferencing, business meetings, video conferencing, live meeting set ups and other such facilities so that you can connect with your clients and office colleagues at different parts of the world easily. For the rates that they charge, these hotels do provide you a great deal of services that you can enjoy to a great extent.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Budget hotels in Kolkata - Best way to save costs on your vacations

Are you planning to make a trip to Kolkata? The place has some historic temples, museums and a whole lot of tourist sites to be explored. However, since you may not require too many days here, travel experts suggest that you choose any of the Kolkata cheap hotels for your stay in the city. You can visit Heera Holiday Inn for a list of good budget hotels in Kolkata.

Timing plays an important factor when you visit any part of the world. Kolkata is no exception to this rule. The peak tourist time here is during October when the festival of Navaratri is celebrated with grand festive splendour here. Tourists from different parts of the world come to Kolkata to get a flavour of the Durga Puja being celebrated here. There might not be a single Kolkata cheap hotel there when you visit the place during that time. So, you need to plan your travel and pre-book your hotel rooms with the help of travel agencies or holiday sites.

There are rooms for as low as 500INR in Kolkata. These are neat, clean and provide basic amenities like hot water facility. You might have to do your own arrangements for food. However in a city like Kolkata, which is brimming with road side stalls selling sweet and salty delicacies, food should not be a problem. Travelling for a business meeting? Travelling with your friends and family? No problem at all. There are budget hotels for all kinds of purposes at Kolkata.

Almost all these budget hotels have AC and non-AC facility, lifts, laundry services, parking amenities and room service. When you can get great facilities at affordable rates from these budget hotels, there is no necessity for you to spend lavishly on star hotels for your accommodation. 

You can save a great chunk of money on hotels when you are in Kolkata and use that money for your entertainment purposes like sight-seeing, entrance fee for historical sites etc. Browse through the internet to get a list of Budget hotels in Kolkata and choose the one that has the most customer reviews. 

Though all the hotels have hospitable staff, certain places would have been marked excellent by previous guests. Choose those for better services. All hotels will ask you furnish a valid ID card while checking in. In order to have a smooth stay here, ensure that you have your ID card with you always.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

4 Features Categorising Banquet Hall In Kolkata For Hosting Parties

 Banquet Halls in KolkataDuring the weddings, there are various arrangements required to be done and among these the choice of venue for wedding and reception parties is a big decision. It will be dependent on variety of features to have the worthwhile venue for the benefit of the guests and the marrying couple. So, before booking Cheap Hotel in Kolkata, also for purposes other than weddings, like office parties, hosting guests and small meetings, some essential features to look out for are:-

Accommodating the guests – For weddings commonly, banquet halls are a must. In these halls, the reception dinner or lunch is arranged, where the guests have a taste of varied and tasty cuisines. In such occasions, there are plenty of items being prepared and lots of guests invited. So, accommodating these guests will be vital to the party. Hence the rooms for banquet parties should be large, with proper seating arrangements.
Well decorated venues – Decorations of the rooms where the dinner is hosted should also be taken care of. Some banquet halls have their arrangements for themed weddings. Few types of arrangements are also dependent on the way people want, while others are left up to the venue managers. These decorations are also done to allow space for high quality photography during the wedding making such venues as the best banquet hall in Kolkata.

Having comfortable extra rooms – Some of the hotels and wedding venues have rooms for the guests, while spacious and air-conditioned rooms are arranged for the couples. 

Easy access – A banquet hall in the city should be easily accessible for most of the guests. It is better to go for the one, which is located in the city centre, which can be reached from variety of locations. This feature is also being sought by lots of people these days.

To be labelled as the best banquet hall in Kolkata, there are many features, which should be present in such venue. It will help in demand of the venue and also add to the comfort of hosting variety of parties across different occasions.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Astonishing Banquet Hall In Kolkata

A banquet hall is usually a room or building build for the purpose of hosting a party, banquet, wedding or other reception, or other social functions. Banquet halls are often found within pubs, clubs, hotels, or restaurants. Some are run by fraternal organizations and rented out as a fundraiser for the organization, for example banquet hall in Kolkata. Some condominium associations and apartment buildings have these to keep the noise of parties out of the residential units.

There are numbers of hotels are available in kolkata that offers the service of Kolkata hotel booking online. Where you can book your room or hall for staying purpose or for functional purpose just in a few minutes simply sitting from home. All these rooms are well accommodated with all the common luxuries and are of well architecture. The cost price of these halls may vary depending upon the space, facilities and the decorations.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Check for add-on facilities like Communications systems and secretarial services for Banquet Halls in Kolkata

For any occasion, selection of venue is of utmost importance and especially for large corporate events or prestigious weddings or conventions, a venue best chosen is a work well done. Though there is no dearth for banquet halls in Kolkata having options for other activities like discotheques, hangout joints, educational institutes and multi-restaurants in the vicinity will add to the comfort levels of the guests coming over.

With a plain research on the available options to book banquet hall in Kolkata, some of the awe-inspiring ones there are 5-star luxury hotels too which have connecting banquet halls for organizing meetings and events under one roof. While booking one, the requirement has to be specified as to whether the banquet hall in Kolkata is for private event or a business center for official purposes. The Mark Kolkata, the Park Kolkata is some of the options which can be explored wherein the guests can avail travel assistance in along with makeover service in the adjoining salon. No matter which occasion it is, the hotels with Banquet halls in Kolkata do provide with add-on facilities to make the event a successful and grand one. The state –of-art communication system, plus presentation facilities and secretarial services are provided at negotiable rates. The staffs speak English and are trained for guest treatment during the event.

Even a press-conference can be conducted in these halls without any difficulty. Corporate functions like seminars, off-site meetings and award functions are well handled by the experienced and professional staff without much ado. Hotel Trimoorti and Hotel Krempton are budget hotels that provide banquet halls in limited budget with cost cutting here and there. These are ideal for small-sized close family events that have a check on budgets and do not look for add-on facilities like salon or lavish amenities. However, it is advisable to check for licensing of this banquet hall in Kolkata if the event includes serving liquor.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Rejuvenate your holiday trip with cheap hotels in Kolkata

February month is very special for me and my wife. Our anniversary falls in this month. It was our tenth anniversary so we decided to celebrate in a special way. Usually, our anniversary celebration will be very simple and silent. On anniversary day morning we go to temple and evening we go to any nearby restaurant. But this time, we really want to celebrate. Since long time, we haven’t travelled to any places, so we planned to use this opportunity.

The whole day my mind was occupied with various tourist destinations in India but couldn’t able to decide anything. During lunch time, when I was having my food, I got a call from one of my school friend who is from Bengal. We chat for a really long time and during our conversation he stressed me to visit his place. Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind. Why not plan a trip to Kolkata? I can meet my friend and can also enjoy a vacation there. My two young daughters are very fond of eating fish delicacies. So I decided that Kolkata will be our perfect place where my daughters can indulge in mouth watering fish delicacies.

My mind started working very fast. I counted number of days and made a rough travel plan. Evening I came home and sat with my wife for discussion. When I expressed my view, she was totally happy and agreed with me. We started discussing about various other things. Since our plan is to have a vacation for only 5 days, we should make use of maximum time enjoying the beach and sea food. Living in Delhi, there is no chance to have a sea view. Since we had a plan to shift our daughters to new school we were in need of good money in hand. We decided to have our accommodation in any of the cheap hotel in Kolkata.
When we reached there, there were many cheap hotels in Kolkata. Their rates are very cheap but their service is unimaginably excellent. We had a pleasant stay in one of the cheap hotel in Kolkata and had a refreshing trip.

Kolkata has numerous hotels of which you can opt for any that suits your pocket. Kolkata cheap hotels like other hotels might not have an impeccable infrastructure but their services are remarkable. So pack your bags and get your Kolkata cheap hotels list ready for your refreshing holiday.