Monday, 16 March 2015

Check for add-on facilities like Communications systems and secretarial services for Banquet Halls in Kolkata

For any occasion, selection of venue is of utmost importance and especially for large corporate events or prestigious weddings or conventions, a venue best chosen is a work well done. Though there is no dearth for banquet halls in Kolkata having options for other activities like discotheques, hangout joints, educational institutes and multi-restaurants in the vicinity will add to the comfort levels of the guests coming over.

With a plain research on the available options to book banquet hall in Kolkata, some of the awe-inspiring ones there are 5-star luxury hotels too which have connecting banquet halls for organizing meetings and events under one roof. While booking one, the requirement has to be specified as to whether the banquet hall in Kolkata is for private event or a business center for official purposes. The Mark Kolkata, the Park Kolkata is some of the options which can be explored wherein the guests can avail travel assistance in along with makeover service in the adjoining salon. No matter which occasion it is, the hotels with Banquet halls in Kolkata do provide with add-on facilities to make the event a successful and grand one. The state –of-art communication system, plus presentation facilities and secretarial services are provided at negotiable rates. The staffs speak English and are trained for guest treatment during the event.

Even a press-conference can be conducted in these halls without any difficulty. Corporate functions like seminars, off-site meetings and award functions are well handled by the experienced and professional staff without much ado. Hotel Trimoorti and Hotel Krempton are budget hotels that provide banquet halls in limited budget with cost cutting here and there. These are ideal for small-sized close family events that have a check on budgets and do not look for add-on facilities like salon or lavish amenities. However, it is advisable to check for licensing of this banquet hall in Kolkata if the event includes serving liquor.