Thursday, 24 September 2015

Budget hotels in Kolkata - Best way to save costs on your vacations

Are you planning to make a trip to Kolkata? The place has some historic temples, museums and a whole lot of tourist sites to be explored. However, since you may not require too many days here, travel experts suggest that you choose any of the Kolkata cheap hotels for your stay in the city. You can visit Heera Holiday Inn for a list of good budget hotels in Kolkata.

Timing plays an important factor when you visit any part of the world. Kolkata is no exception to this rule. The peak tourist time here is during October when the festival of Navaratri is celebrated with grand festive splendour here. Tourists from different parts of the world come to Kolkata to get a flavour of the Durga Puja being celebrated here. There might not be a single Kolkata cheap hotel there when you visit the place during that time. So, you need to plan your travel and pre-book your hotel rooms with the help of travel agencies or holiday sites.

There are rooms for as low as 500INR in Kolkata. These are neat, clean and provide basic amenities like hot water facility. You might have to do your own arrangements for food. However in a city like Kolkata, which is brimming with road side stalls selling sweet and salty delicacies, food should not be a problem. Travelling for a business meeting? Travelling with your friends and family? No problem at all. There are budget hotels for all kinds of purposes at Kolkata.

Almost all these budget hotels have AC and non-AC facility, lifts, laundry services, parking amenities and room service. When you can get great facilities at affordable rates from these budget hotels, there is no necessity for you to spend lavishly on star hotels for your accommodation. 

You can save a great chunk of money on hotels when you are in Kolkata and use that money for your entertainment purposes like sight-seeing, entrance fee for historical sites etc. Browse through the internet to get a list of Budget hotels in Kolkata and choose the one that has the most customer reviews. 

Though all the hotels have hospitable staff, certain places would have been marked excellent by previous guests. Choose those for better services. All hotels will ask you furnish a valid ID card while checking in. In order to have a smooth stay here, ensure that you have your ID card with you always.