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3 Factors of Best Hotel in Kolkata Making it well-known in the Travel Circuit

budget hotels in Kolkata
While searching for hotels to stay in Kolkata, there are many interesting features that can come across for the travellers. Kolkata being one of the oldest cities in the country is home of many historic buildings, some of which have become landmarks for the identity of the city. Sightseeing places of importance and monuments worth visiting are in plenty. Among these structures are interspersed a wide range of hotels, ranging from the large luxurious star hotels to the Kolkata cheap hotel. So, for the travellers, this facility is of great value as it allows them to get accommodations of their choice at prices which are comfortable and affordable.

•    Providing multiple facilities – To be well known in the hospitality sector, hotels are nowadays diversifying into offering a wide range of facilities for their guests. Even in luxury hotels, there are some affordable rooms, especially the ones which are given out during offers or through special bookings. These offers allow tourists to stay in the best hotel in Kolkata, without having the need to cough up huge sums of money, as there is tie up with major travel companies. Many of these hotels are also included under the cheap hotel category, thereby bringing many budget hotel options within the purview. As a result of such offers on good quality hotels, travellers from different parts of the country can avail comfortable and luxurious accommodation facilities in the city during their sightseeing trips or official visits.

•    Hotels with colonial designs – There are plenty of areas in Kolkata, which belong to the old era, possibly before the time of independence. During those days, the usual pattern of house constructions was in line with the British designs and so, it is not surprising to find that many colonial styled looking buildings, the same are nowadays beautifully designed into hotels in Kolkata. To suit the requirements of the population these days, such palatial structures comprise of marriage hall, banquet halls, conference and gaming rooms. Such diversity in these areas in the hotels, give people a good reason to check them out during their visits.

•    Fit for many purposes – Nowadays, most of the hotels are adding multipurpose rooms in their buildings. It can be found that hotels do have conference rooms and marriage hall in Kolkata, so that people can use these spaces for different functions, besides getting enough accommodation facilities. This has not only increased the popularity of vacations, but hotels are also being selected with much thought.

marriage halls in Kolkata

It has become a great facility for the tourists and official travellers to stay in the Kolkata hotels. Also, for the local people and business houses, the conference halls and marriage hall offers a number of purposes. In a way, hotels in Kolkata have become integral to the lifestyle of travellers and for local people.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Make the Most of Your Trip by Enjoying a Stay at the Best Hotel in Kolkata

best hotel in kolkata
A trip is defined by the accommodation that you book as that is where you come and rest either after a tiresome trip to your destination or after a hectic day of sightseeing. Therefore, it is imperative that you look through all the available options and book yourself and your family into the best hotel in Kolkata.

The money you have set aside for the trip will define the category of accommodation that you will chose when on holiday. There is no need to worry, as there is a list of Kolkata cheap hotels that offer you good accommodation for cheap rates with no compromises to cleanliness or comfort. You just have to define your budget and we should be able to match it easily.

If you have already drawn up your itinerary for your stay, then you can also use that to book budget hotels in Kolkata. You can look at hotels that are closer to the sites that you plan to visit because then you do not spend more time traveling to the destinations. You can have a good rest at the hotel and then leave to your preferred sightseeing spot.

While booking any of the Kolkata cheap hotels, you also need to ensure that you have options for dining, even if you plan to come in late from your tours, you should be able to find some food to fill in your hungry tummies and then hit the bed. This is mandatory and this prerequisite must be met for a hotel to be categorized as a best hotel in Kolkata.

Since you are new to the place and do not have a good hold on the location, it is good to go in for budget hotels in Kolkata. Safety and security should also be looked into, more so if you have a family and are carrying considerable cash on you. The hotel you choose should be safe as well as comfortable for your stay in the city.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Kolkata Cheap Hotels – Comfort and Simplicity Personified

Kolkata, one of the important tourist destinations in India, has lots of places of accommodation for the local and foreign tourists who come here. Kolkata cheap hotels are decent places to stay for people who come here with a limited budget. These places are excellent options as they are mostly situated near important tourist attractions and it is easy for commuting.

If you are lucky, you can strike a good deal with these Kolkata cheap hotels by getting a complimentary meal of the day or free internet. If you stay here for a long period of time, you are likely to get many discounts. Most of the hotels have excellently trained staff members who deal with you with utmost hospitality and courtesy. These hotels are located mostly near bus stations or railway stations, so it is easy for you to use the local transport mode to find your way about the city.

Kolkata hotel booking online

You can also do a Kolkata hotel booking online within minutes. You need to enter your check-in and check-out date along with the number of passengers traveling along with you. You can reserve a room for you based on the availability of rooms in that particular hotel. This process is quick and error-free.

One of the main advantages of doing a Kolkata hotel booking online is that you get lots of benefits and freebies. Some hotels provide you free access to the gymnasium, swimming pool, spa and other recreational facilities. Sometimes, you also get discounts on the tariff rates when you book online. So, it is highly recommended that you make use of these online facilities and save up on some costs.

There are high chances that you could land on a very good Kolkata cheap hotel when you do an online booking. All hotels that have available rooms on that particular date are displayed and you can choose the one that has the least tariff or the one that is the most comfortable for you.
Another way of checking into a good Kolkata cheap hotel is through doing some local checks and references. Ask the local people around for some good options or check with your colleagues. They will be able to guide you to great hotels that you never knew existed.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Arrangements Available in Best Hotel in Kolkata Making it Valuable for Hosting Parties

best hotel in Kolkata
Demand for the best hotel in Kolkata is rising in the present day scenario. Even the low cost hotels in Kolkata are drawing customers if it comes up with suitable facilities like marriage hall in Kolkata to cater to the demands for organizing functions and celebrations. There is an increasing trend to host functions in hotels for their space and facilities.

Getting catering from the best hotel in Kolkata is sure to make the event being organized a success. With the rising trend among people in all of India, the business of hotels in hospitality sector is getting diversified. More and more hotels are coming up in Kolkata to suit these needs of catering to functions, besides having affordable rooms for stay. Also, the older ones are refurbishing and renovating to meet the demands of their guests. Without a significant change in the way the hotels have been functioning, there is going to be a loss in the market of such hotels. So, it is very much imperative that the Kolkata hotels become ready for the higher demand in facilities other than accommodations.

•    Hosting parties in Kolkata convenient with many hotels with halls and open spaces

People living in Kolkata as well as from neighboring regions are searching for hotels in Kolkata to host parties for different occasions. With social needs getting bigger, people are interested to host functions for every occasion that they can think of. As a result, Kolkata cheap hotel is also getting offers for hosting marriage anniversaries, children’s birthdays and even small social gathering in the space available. Such trend has become popular among people in Kolkata because of the convenience in different aspects being provided by the best hotel in Kolkata.

•    Facilities necessary for hosting parties makes these venues popular

In the hotels in Kolkata, which are having some space to host parties, there is a huge demand for celebrating different occasions. People are checking these out to organize an event, months before the actual date. There is a serious rush in bookings because it becomes difficult to find a suitable place for the occasion, as the day nears. Provision of space even in the Kolkata cheap hotel will make it popular among people. If such hotels have the facilities of food and music, then the demand further goes up. With such facilities available in the hotel itself, people are not required to go to another place to arrange for their dinner or lunch. Also, the caterers associated with the hotels or having partnerships can provide the required necessities for the party.

•    Accessible places with facilities in much demand

When the venues are in places, which are accessible, the demand goes further up. Marriage hall in Kolkata in the center of the city is preferred over the one present in the outskirts. To make this place better and further preferable, these hotels are furnishing the rooms or halls with air-conditioning, so that the guests are able to attend the parties in comfort. People are also benefited with the locations nearby their residences because they will not have to rush from one end of the city to another. With the population of Kolkata rising and the growth of the city limits, there will be a high demand for budget hotels in Kolkata, which can provide such facilities.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Party at the Best Banquet Halls in Kolkata with Good Pricing

banquet halls in kolkataThe generation of today is looking for reasons to have fun and party. Whether it is about a new gadget that they have bought or about their flying grades, they do not hesitate to throw parties for their acquaintances and friends at big banquet halls in Kolkata. They are completely professional in booking these places and organize the party establishing the fact that they are no longer kids.

There are some important aspects that they look at when they book a banquet hall in Kolkata. Some of them include the location of the hall, the facilities they offer, the accessibility to the place, the food options they have etc. Each of these has a considerable weightage and the hall that stands out in all the aspects is the one that is chosen.

The advantages that these halls have over a marriage hall in Kolkata are just too many. First and foremost, organizing parties or events at marriage halls need extensive coordination and follow up.  The organizers have to handle all of these, get into the nuances and have to track them to closure. 

The case with the banquet halls is quite different. The owners of the hall generally offer the food, help them chose the menu, suggest variants, take care of the arrangements like seating, games that need to be arranged, service options etc. This is why, most party throwers prefer to book banquet halls in Kolkata as this is quite easier and more effective for them. They have the bandwidth to connect and be a part of the party instead of running around and getting things organized.

marriage halls in kolkata

While a marriage hall in Kolkata is still booked for marriages and engagements, there is a clear trend shift towards the booking of banquet halls considering the recent and more modern features the latter offers. So book the banquet hall in Kolkata and party on until the wee hours of the morning, when the first rays of the sun seep into the crevices of the windows of the hall.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Book Cheap Hotel in Kolkata after checking for all possible loop holes

best hotel in KolkataAlways think twice before you book any accommodation. There is a good chance that you give in to the glamorous advertisements, so take care that you look through the list of Kolkata cheap hotels before making the final swipe. This is all the more important because most hotels do not give you a refund even in case of cancellations and will charge you at least for a night.

While looking for a cheap hotel in Kolkata, you must look through the list of facilities that will be offered along with the accommodation. You should check to ensure that you do not lose out on the important and mandatory things that you need to have. There are some things that money cannot buy and you do not want to lose out on such things. Since the city is famous for the arrival of tourists, there are many Kolkata cheap hotels offering competitive prices and hence booking such hotels should be easy.

Kolkata cheap hotel names must be available easily for tourists and each of these hotels are classified in the particular ranges depending on their tariff. These sites will also details the facilities that are offered inclusive of the tariff and what is not covered, where the tourists have to pay up. It would be good to see if there are different categories that work out cheaper before going in for a booking.

Tourists, who are looking to book budget hotels in Kolkata, must also check the distance of the hotel from the places that they would like to visit.  Why we are specifying this is that there could be some hotels off the city that will offer unbelievable prices. Since the tourists are new to the place, they should not fall into the trick and book these Kolkata cheap hotels, as then they will end up spending the amount they save on accommodation on local transport from one place to another as they will all be far flung from the hotel they are staying in.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Online Booking Facilities for Marriage Halls in Kolkata with its Advantages

budget hotels in KolkataDuring the peak marriage season in Kolkata, lot many families are seeking out hotels for getting their children married. Marriage is an important function in the city from the cultural point of view. Not only is a marriage in Kolkata celebrated with grandeur, people want to have a memorable evening with friends and relatives. So, it is necessary that everything about the occasion is a smooth affair. This is possible if the marriage halls in Kolkata are booked. This has to be done wisely with certain features in mind.

•    Online system of hotel venue booking getting introduced

These days, to counter the rush for booking banquet halls in Kolkata, online systems for hotel booking have been brought in. Through the portals over internet, one can book the wedding venues and banquet halls in the hotels or special marriage halls in Kolkata. Online booking has its advantages and this has spurred the popularity to a great degree.

•    Simple steps to get the online bookings with secure payments

People can go to the sites of the hotels that they are aware of and undertake Kolkata hotel booking online with ease. Specific dates for the occasions are to be mentioned and the payments are to be made to book these banquet halls in Kolkata. Such a process has made the booking of these venues easy as bride’s and groom’s family are not required to run around search for a suitable place for the wedding. Also, secure payment gateways are available to ensure that the payment being done is in the right way.

•    Online offers becoming lucrative for people for booking

To lure more people into their hotels with marriage halls in Kolkata, they are putting out variety of offers on the sites. While carrying out Kolkata hotel booking online, people can avail certain discounts or extra complimentary gifts in form of rooms or dinner menus. This allows certain perks for the bride and groom and therefore, online booking concept has worked well with the Kolkata denizens. More of such hotels are nowadays presenting their booking facilities through online mode and allowing further choices to people.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

3 Reasons for Kolkata Cheap Hotels Being in Demand in Modern Times

The city of Kolkata has always been one of the highlighted cities of India and is presently also in demand. Not only people from the state of West Bengal, but from nearby states arrive here for tourism as well as on official work. Many people have shifted their base to Kolkata because they like the atmosphere and ambience of the city. Hotels in Kolkata have also grown in number over the years. This might be partly attributed to the high inflow of people from outside the city and partly due to the reason that people are associating their lifestyle with these hotels. It is for this reason that Kolkata cheap hotels are also in demand because many of these have banquet hall, marriage hall and conference halls.

•    Suitable for many occasions – Presence of variety of venues in the budget hotels in Kolkata has given a boost to the demand for hotels in the city. These venues can be used for many purposes like conducting seminars, presentations, meetings, conferences and marriages or other celebratory occasions. For these purposes, the banquet hall in Kolkata can be booked and due to the stiff competition, the expenses are also not heavy. To keep the expenses lower, people can go for the low priced hotels with conference halls.

Banquet Hall In Kolkata

•    Marriage venues – One of the many reasons for the popularity of all kinds of hotels in Kolkata is that of the marriage parties being organised in hotels. For this purpose, these locations are having large wedding reception halls or banquet hall in Kolkata. It is convenient to organise these social functions in the large spaces available in the budget hotels in Kolkata and with lack of space in homes, this option is appearing advantageous to people.

•    Official meets – Most of the conferences or meetings of official nature are held in Kolkata as this city has a string of corporate companies. These companies can book a hotel with conference rooms or meeting halls and even food can be arranged from the local restaurant or caterer can be asked to fill in with the cuisine. Banquet hall in Kolkata can also be used as conference hall and the same area can be used later on for other purposes.

Even though they are counted as budget hotels in Kolkata, they have a flexibility of venues and can be booked at low costs. These hotels are trying to get a name for their venue and for this reason, a number of complimentary features are available with them. To be on the profit side of the bargain, people are selecting the budget hotels in Kolkata for reasons of accommodation as well as venues for celebratory occasions.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Tips for visitors while choosing Kolkata Cheap Hotel

Kolkata cheap hotelDefine Budget range before planning to anything first define your budget and set a specific range accordingly as there is no matter of worry when you have predefined your cost estimation to whole vacation or trip as a stay in Kolkata because when you search for Kolkata cheap hotel you will definitely find n number of hotels in a common link but now your task begins here to choose the best hotel in Kolkata among all listed hotels.

Fix a location where you want to stay whether you want to stay at the central part of city or some outer area for more environmental relaxation and peaceful stay. Or if you are planning to stay at hotel which is nearest to the sea and beaches it is totally up to your choice.

List the basic facilities you definitely require if you are looking to book marriage hall in Kolkata like the accommodation area for guest, the crowd capturing possibility, as we at Heera Inn provides the accommodation facility for 600 persons with fresh, grooming and airy environment with appropriate sitting arrangements for guests and bride to enjoy the events and functions of marriage.

As a result to book marriage hall in Kolkata we like to recommend you that search and find they are facilitating with any kind of installment payments services.  So we suggest you to choose the hotel which offers a great number of facilities within your defined budget range as a result of booking with one of the listed Best Hotel In Kolkata. As in marriage parties people came with their children so you can search for special accommodation for children like theme parks, kind of zoo to having a group of some pets, historical monuments etc where they can spend their time that make busy themselves and they can entertain there selves as well. In this way you can feel the freeness to enjoy the party and the auspicious occasion of wedding to your relative, dear ones or any of your friends.

So beware while you are going to book your hotel or marriage hall because picking a wrong hotel can spoil your all vacation and occasion as resultant to bad services and you will spoil your all excitement of visiting your great trip.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

2 Reasons for Budget Hotels in Kolkata Help in Promoting Tourism in Eastern India

kolkata hotel booking onlineAnyone going towards the eastern part of India will have to go through the state of West Bengal because of the good communication system established through Kolkata. This is the metropolis in east, which is one of the oldest and prominent places in the country. Not only do tourists come to Kolkata, there are many, who travel up east towards Assam, Manipur and other eastern states of India. To most of these destinations, Kolkata has good rail and road communications. So, when people plan their trip itineraries for leisure vacations, they usually include Kolkata in the places to stay, so that they can move around this historic city and have a visit to some of the important locations of sightseeing.

•    Hotels need to accommodate tourists

Many of the travelers have their plans of stay in the city, so they search for the Kolkata cheap hotels, where they can stay for a few days and then proceed in their trips. Due to this particular facility, it has been seen that many people opt to have their stay in Kolkata and travel by road to the mountainous regions in North East. Therefore, there are sufficient reasons for these cheap hotels of Kolkata to help in promotion of tourism in the state.

•    Less expenditure during travel stopovers

In these places, people can splurge on the accommodations, sightseeing and shopping. Many tourists take up travel packages in their destination. So, for such travelers, Kolkata is only a stop and therefore, they want to keep their expenses low. In such a scenario, the budget hotels in Kolkata are seen to be quite beneficial.

budget hotels in Kolkata

Modern day tourism is getting well planned and trips are being customized for people. There are bookings of flights, hotels and sightseeing places and even cabs being booked before the journey starts. In such situations, these budget hotels in Kolkata play an important role as they allow tourists to get a comfortable accommodation during their stopover that too at low costs, thereby lowering the total cost of traveling.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Availing the Best Hotel in Kolkata during Tours or Vacations

best hotel in kolkataAlmost in every street in the metropolis of Kolkata, people will find an accommodation facility. There are hotels and dorms spread across the entire city which itself is one of the largest in India. Although, the hotels are many, these do not necessarily mean the most comfortable of places. Many of them are included under the category of Kolkata cheap hotel, which are suitable for a day or two of stay, when tourists are supposed to move out in their trips.

For a few days of comfortable stay, the best hotel in Kolkata is a good option. There are many such hotels in the city, which can be graded in the best category, with most of them having the tag of luxury hotels. Hotel chains have their major hotels in Kolkata, as it is one of the well known tourist destinations in the country and is also oft visited by officials. Many hotels also serve as places for important occasions like marriage because one can find marriage hall in Kolkata in these hotels. So, with so much of variety on offer, tourists can seek the best one by following certain features.

·        Most of the luxury hotels can be called as best due to their interior decor, elegant and grand settings, large restaurants and discotheques. Convention halls and marriage halls are also included in the facilities of the best hotel in Kolkata. These places can be used for accommodation, if people want something grand in their trip itinerary.

·        Doing online search and reading through the reviews of these pages can give a fair idea about the kind of hotels in Kolkata being searched. Although, these might not be the Kolkata cheap hotel, but their costs are affordable in package tours booked through travel and tour companies.

·        If people are interested to spend a few days and splurge on the accommodations during special occasions, then the best hotel can be arranged. These have marriage halls where the wedding can be organized and the guests can be accommodated in the rooms of these buildings.

More than the cost factor, hotels in Kolkata provide a charming stay for the tourists. These are well decked up in interior designs and rooms are beautifully arranged to give an elegant look. In the process of searching for the right hotel to stay, these preferences can be checked and hotels can then be booked, either prior to or after arriving at these hotels.

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